What percentage calculations we do not recommend to be mistaken at?

Although the percentage calculation is not complicated most times, almost anything can be confused in a hurry. If you just mistakenly “shift” the decimal point, the percentages will complicate your life. Fortunately, it is not always a disaster. Below we bring you life situations in which hurrying doesn’t pay off when calculating percentages.

Calculate the percentage of interest before signing the loan

Especially when negotiating a loan, we recommend converting percentages to a whole number. The percentage of interest is just a figure that doesn’t tell you much. By using percentage conversion, you can get a better idea of the final amount of interest. You can calculate percentages from your head, or you can use an online calculator. But be careful. The online converter only calculates the values you give it. Whether it is an annual or a semi-annual interest, you have to check for yourself. Just as you have to watch out for APR, which is also given in percentages and may easily exceed a seemingly nice interest rate.

Revenue is also given as a percentage

If you are investing or depositing money in a savings account, then logically you will be interested in yields. These are again given in percentages. In any case, it is better to recalculate percentages to an integer so that you can see if your investment is worth it at all.

You just won’t whip 12% cream

Although no online percentage calculator will help you with cooking, increased vigilance could when purchasing. Therefore, omit the numbers that an online calculator itself can handle for you and instead concentrate on putting a cream of the correct percentage into the basket. You just won’t whip 12% cream, even if you whipped at 200 %.

Beware of high percentage alcohol!

We have nothing to do with what you drink. We just want to recommend that if you take a higher dose of alcohol, it is better to omit any percent conversion. You better calculate how much per mille you have.

Whatever the percentages will cross your path, please welcome the help of our online percentage calculator to figure them up.

Why is percentage expression so much popular?

Calculating percentages is quite not complicated, yet when we calculate in a hurry, we can “mistake” in anything. It is true that an accountant or a trader will need to figure up percentages much more likely than an ordinary person. However, anyone can use an online percentage calculator to count percent and, at the same time, to ensure that the result of all your counting is correct. Nevertheless, have you ever noticed that the percentage expression does not appear in relation to mathematical problems only?

The percentage expression helps us imagine the situation better

Percentages appear almost everywhere, not just in mathematical problems. You also had to notice that percentage expressions have long been popular with the press as well. In various magazines, headlines with percentages pop up every day, such as “90 % of women try to lose weight, 60 % of married couples face infidelity, up to 50 % of people fight insomnia”. The reason for such percentage expressions is quite clear.

Thanks to percentages, we can better imagine the situation as such percentage calculation is not difficult at all. In addition to that, the percent tag associated with a number in article headings looks much more attractive than just an integer. Thanks to the percentages, we can make a conclusion much easier. By claiming that 90 % of women are trying to lose weight, we know that this is the vast majority, even without looking at the more complex numbers.

When someone says “one hundred percent”, we are usually pleased

The fact that the calculation of percentages may not be directly related to mathematics is evidenced by the further popularity of using various expressions with percentages. For example, the statement “will arrive 100 %”, “count with me about 60 %”, “I’m sure about 95 %” and so on. These claims are very popular with most people for the very same reason as the previous article headlines. Note carefully the difference between the sentences “Maybe I’ll be at the party.” and “I don’t know exactly yet but you can count on me to 90 %.” Do you also feel more promise in the second sentence that the friend will really come to your party?

Whatever you need to express as a percentage, be assured that our online percentage calculator will never ever let you down.